In this blog post, i will discuss about how to configure Omni Channel Facebook Channel for your customer service.

If you have not already installed and configured Omnichannel. Please follow the Microsoft guide here

After you have configured Omni Channel. Lets login into Dynamics Omnichannel Administration App and Click on the Facebook in the left side navigation in Channels area.

Omnichannel Dashboard

Once you have verified everything is working. Now lets jump to the fun part.

Login to You can either use your personal account or create a new account.

On the top corner click my Apps and Click create new App

Facebook Create new App

Choose the app type as “For Everything Else” and give your app a name. Most probably you will need to complete captcha to do complete this step.

Now you will see the facebook products Page. Select the Messenger as product

Once that, you need to add the page to your app. Click “Add or Remove Page”. If you have no page created already you can first create a Facebook Page (make sure to enable Messenger for your Page)

Select the page that you want to use with this Omnichannel.

Once you added the page. Click Generate token.

Once the token is Generated keep the token in a safe Place as we would need it in next steps. Also make sure to save the PAGE ID which will also be needed.

Once you had added that. Go down and select App Permisisons and click to add

Please note that when you add these permission. You will get a notification to business verification as these permissions would not work with live data with Facebook approval. I will tell you later how can we still use these permission to test the app.

Now go to your applicaiton Basic Settings (Navigation on the left side of page) and copy the Application ID and Secret Key

Okey this is pretty much we need. Just before we leave Facebook make sure to add a test account to this app so we can use the above mentioned permissions without making the app live which require Facebook Approval

With all these done. Now lets go to our Facebook channel in Dynamics 365 Omni Channel Administration

Enter the Name you would like for this Channel.

Enter the Application ID and Secret key that you got from the Basic Settings of the Facebook App. Please note that at this point the remaining two fields should reamin empty.

Once you click Save, you will see a new Tab on the same Page below to add the Facebook Page. Click +New Facebook Page within that tab.

Provide all the information here that we copied from our earlier steps inducing Facebook Page ID, Facebook Page Name and Page Access Token.

Once you have provided all that information, you will save it and go back to your Main page. You will notice here that now Call back URI and Verify Token has been populated.Copy these two values

Now lets go back to our facebook App that we created and click on Messenger Settings on the left plan.

And click on Add Call Back URL. Fill it with the values that you just copied from your Faceook Channel in Omni channel app.

After adding make sure you select all fields for the web hook.

Once you have completed the step. You can go back to your Facebook Page Options in the Dynamics an you will see on the left side status as running (if everything was entered correctly)

Now that everything is configured. Lets go and test it out.

Login in Facebook with the Test account that you added in previous step and go to your Facebook Page and send a message.

And thats it! you will get the notification in Omni Channel Agent Dashboard