In this blog, i will explain a simple use case that is often required in different organizations. To covert and email into PDF to be used for different purposes.

So lets get started.

I will use an automated trigger for my flow which is when a new email is arrived in my mailbox. You can specify the advanced properties of trigger to only work on emails with a specific topic or from some one or any other filter.

as a next step i will export this email using the email unique ID.

Now the next action to use it to create a file using the OneDrive for Business action. Import thing here is that i am using a unique name for my file and adding the .eml extension so its in proper format.

After creating the .eml file i will use the convert function to convert the content into PDF

Once the file is converted i will simply create the create file using the same name.

Thats all, this is how my complete flow looks like

Now i will test it and i can further use the PDF file for any other requirements.