In this article we are discussing how to Create a custom connector for PowerApps and Power Automate. We are also covering that how you can consume the on-premise data source or the API.
For consuming the on-premise API / Data-Source  you need to download the Microsoft gateway and install it.

1- To Download Gateway Click Here

2- How to install gateway

Key Requirements:

1- You must have an static IP address.
2- Your API must be Accessible via your static IP address. You can verify this via Postman or Fiddler composer by sending an HTTP request to your API.

After installing the gateway let’s create the custom connector.

Creating a Custom Connector:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Choose your environment
  3. Expand Data
  4. Click on Custom Connectors
  5. Press New Custom Connector
  6. Press Create from Blank

  7. A pop-up will appear. Enter the name of the custom connector of your choice.
  8. Now a custom connector wizard, will appear provide the connector details as shown in below picture.
  9. Click on Security and select No Authentication
  10. Click on Definition and Press New action.
  11. You can create as many actions you need. For example Get_Products, Get_Categories etc.
  12. Enter the Summary of the action and the Operation ID
  13. Under the Request section, click on Import from Sample
  14. Select the Verb as Get or whatever your request type is.
  15. Enter the URL, with or without parameters.
  16. To update the parameter values, click on the parameter under the query section in the request and then select any parameter to Edit
  17. Make sure that the validation section is succeeded
  18. Click on Create Connector
  19. Click on Test
  20. Click on New Connection
  21. Click on Test Operation
  22. The request will now send back a response, as shown in the image below or any other response that your API will return.

Now you can use your custom connector that will access your on-premise data in any of your PowerApps.

Your Connector will appear like this in your connectors.

Now use it like other connections by calling your actions.


Power platform gives users an easy way of automating the business processes without the coding knowledge.

In this blog, we explained to you that how you can create your custom connector for Power Apps you can use the same for way for Power Automate. If you have any confusion, questions or you want to add your recommendation, please leave a comment.

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