If you have recently setup Dynamics 365 Omnichannel, you would be wondering how to identify an incoming chat request and match it will the information that is already present in your contact or account entity.

If you read Microsoft Docs Automatically identify customers you might get confused

Microsoft Docs

Although it does specify the variables and mapping and when you go to Pre Chat Survey you will see that there is no option for entering logical attribute name and stuff.

So here i will explain how it is done. It requires configuration in two part. First is your Pre Chat Survey.

We will match the record either by Full name or Email so here are the two question configuration for Full Name and Email.

Email Question

Okey so once that is configured half of your work is done but thats not enough. Now go to your Chat Work stream

Here you will find the option of context variables.

change the properties of the variable as follow (for contact entity reference, for account just change the variable logical name)

Full Name context variable
Email Context Variable

The important piece here is the Name and Type. They should match the logical name of the attribute in your entity.

And that’s it. Now if the user fill the pre-chat survey with either Name or Email from the entity. User will automatically be identified in the Omnichannel when coming through Live chat 🙂