In this article we will review how to assign PowerApps Per app licenses as since October 2020 you do not require to assign a baseline license to the users.

The below steps are valid at the time of writing this article.

First of all we need to login at Power Platform Admin Center using

On the left side under Resources click on capacity and then click on Add-ons. The important thing to note here is that Add-ons tab wont show if you dont have any Add-ons purchased.

Then click on “Assign to an environment” as shown below.

How to assign PowerApps Per App licenses

Now select the environment you want to assign

How to assign PowerApps Per App licenses

Under the environment selection option you will see the options to assign app passes to this environment.

In my case i had 5 app passes so i have assigned it to the specific envrionment.

Now that is all that is needed from my Power Platform Admin center.

Now I will go to and will l click on the settings of the PowerApps i want to use the app licenses.

and i will click on “Auto Assign per app passes”

That’s it. I will now simply share the app with the users through the normal process and the app passes will automatically be assigned to each user and they will be able to use the app.