A Business Process Flow in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a tool which is meant to help guide users through a business process in the system. Business process flows are representations of your business processes and are displayed visually in Dynamics 365 as a heading across the top of an entity form.

A business process flow is composed of Stages, and within each stage there are Steps to complete which are fields. In the business process flow heading, a user can see which stage they are at in the process, and which steps they need to complete before they proceed in the process.

Immersive BPF

In this blog I will show you how to build Business Process Flow through Power Automate with Immersive BPF. So what are going to do is called immersive Business Process. But if you take a look back, previously you had to build a C.D.S entity and its attributes, add it to the Model Driven App then build a BPF and also add it to the model driven app and then run the business process but now it’s very easy and quick you just need to login to power automate, create your BPF and run it through the portal without opening the app.

These are the scenarios, in which Immersive BPF will help you out.

  1. When you only know the stages and are still planning the steps.
  2. When CDS entity is not require before BPF creation.
  3. When there is no need of Model Driven app.
  4. When there is only one entity involve.
  5. When user wants to insert Canvas app on BPF form.

To get started, click on My Flows – > Business Process Flow – >New

Select the option None (Immersive Business Process) from Choose an entity dropdown.

BPF designer will open in a new tab. Here you will be able to select any stage and click on “Add new fields and forms” link for adding new fields in the stage.
In the previous version we had to build an entity for creating new fields. We navigated to that entity and created new fields but now you don’t need to create an entity because Immersive BPF will create a CDS entity in the background to keep history of flow and relevant fields will be created through the BPF designer.

Now I am creating a few fields for demonstration purpose. You will see a rich range of options for data types. The best thing is that when you create a new field this will be displayed in the list in bold font. After creating fields, clicking on Save Entity button will save the changes like Publish but if you click on Discard all changes will be discarded.

Last but not least we will create a form as per our requirements and publish it.

How to run this Immersive BPF

Previously we had to create a record and then BPF was defined for the same. But now you just go to My Flows – > Business Process Flow and just click on run button of the BPF. When you click run button it’s going to directly open up that BPF.

Now you can create record and after creation, you will be able to see that record by navigating to

Action Item – > Business Process Flow you can also share, abandon and delete that record.