Microsoft has recently launched the Portal WEB API in preview. Alot of work those APIs do can be done through connector as well the purpose of launching the API is not a functionality gap but performance improvements.

You can read about the API in the official documentation here. You need to enable site settings to use these API

Site Setting NameDescription
Webapi/<entity name>/enabledEnables or disables OData API for <entity name>.
Default: False
Valid values: True, False
Webapi/<entity name>/fieldsDefines the comma-separated list of attributes that can be modified using Web API.
Possible values:
All attributes: *
Specific attributes: attr1,attr2,attr3
Note: Value should be either * or comma seperated fields name.
Important: Mandatory site setting. When this setting is missing, you’ll see this error: No fields defined for this entity.
Webapi/error/innererrorEnables or disables innererror.
Default: False
Valid values: True, False